Atlántida, the tourist capital of the Costa de Oro, has the charm of the ruggedness and the comfort of the services of a city. The spa, which in 2011 turned 100 years old, invites equally to rest on its beaches and parks, as well as to the contemplation of its streets and old buildings loaded with picturesque stories. Thus, once Atlantis was an inspiring muse and refuge for a clandestine love of the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda with Matilde Urrutia, who would later become his third wife. The poet named the spa as Datitla, keeping the place of his amorous escapades secret from the world. Among the illustrious visitors to the spa are names as diverse as the actor Luis Sandrini, the singer Hugo del Carril or the Spanish poet Federico García Lorca. In the present, its landscaped residences, its natural beauty, and the romanticism of its architectural styles, make it one of the favorite destinations of thousands of Uruguayans. Its two beaches, are characterized by forests of pines and eucalyptus that give the tourist an unequaled repair of the summer sun. The Mansa to the West, has a calm sea and is preferred by the family audience; while La Brava to the East is the one chosen by surfers who come in search of their strong waves. They are wide and extensive beaches, of white and fine sands, that count on an excellent infrastructure dedicated to satisfy the needs of the tourists. The nightlife, with a strong culinary pole and several pubs and discos, is another attraction of the spa town. Just 45 minutes from Montevideo, Atlántida, it is an unforgettable haven for lovers of poetry, literature and history.



Paradise Spa is located in the City of Atlántida, on the Rambla, in front of Mansa Beach and 400 meters from the commercial center. Atlántida is a "green" city, of horizontal and small growth, but it has as many or more services as a large city. Its proximity to the capital Montevideo (45 km) and Pu..

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